Customer comments

Tokyo Consulting Office Male Background: Our company's work is to create strategies within the divisions of large companies. We were successful in being able to increase our ways of though process with regards to "How to improve peoples performance". It is here that I learned "Being in a mindful position increases peoples productivity and performance". To say it simply, "Using meditation to increase your focus is linked to and will increase the quality of the results in your work" It's certainly true that there were a lot of people who said things like that. Request details: I asked to have "Large scale brain networks", especially "Default mode networks" (DMN) and "Task positive network" (TPN) explained and also the trends of these networks researched. I also asked with regards to "Why is meditation good for your brain" and the studies on that subject. Progression style: Every day i received about 20 pages of summarized research in the field that i requested. I also received a presentation and discussion based on the topic i requested that lasted around 4 hours. After that I would set net months theme and continue on with this progression style. Result: In the end I was finally able to understand the fundamentals of the things i requested, meditation, default mode networks, task positivity, wandering mind. I know I am still not at the level of most when it comes to things such as experience and knowledge in "Concentration", "Idle thoughts" or "Meditation" but I feel I've become able to understand the mechanisms of such things in a systematic way.